• Cinnamon


    One of the oldest spices in the world, when brewed cinnamon releases its essential oil, cinnamonaldehyde, which acts in the body to encourage circulation, relieve nausea and improve digestion. Studies have shown that cinnamon regulates blood sugar, is effective against some bacteria, reduces pain linked to arthritis and calms menstrual pain. As a nutritional plant, cinnamon contains fibre, calcium, iron and manganese.



    An ancient aromatic spice, cardamon been used as traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Cardamon is effective at improving digestion, particularly cramps, flatulence and bloating. Cardamon (or cardamom) has detoxifying effects and improves circulation to our lungs to benefit respiratory allergies and sore throats. Holistically, cardamon restores balance to the body's systems just as it sweetens and balances our brew.

  • Ginger


    Serving us a warm-spicy kick, did you know ginger is a source of vitamin C and magnesium? Ginger encourages good circulation and helps respiratory problems. The root helps with motion sickness by soothing nerves and calming the stomach. Ginger is anti-inflammatory; easing inflammation involved in sore muscles and joints as well as bloated bellies. It strengthens immunity and is said to improve mood and relieve stress!



    We use a small amount of clove buds in Dr CHAI tea's blend. When heated, clove buds release their essential oil which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. This medicinally cleans the brew while adding a warmly nuanced flavour in mild balance.


    No wonder I feel so good with Dr CHAI!

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